Kenny Pickett is viewed by many as the top quarterback in the upcoming NFL Draft, but some talent evaluators do not think there is a whole lot to get excited about with the former Pitt star.

Several team executives and scouts who spoke with NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero offered somewhat troubling assessments of Pickett’s abilities. One AFC exec said Pickett has been the “most impressive” quarterback leading up to the draft, but he wonders about Pickett’s ceiling.

“He was the biggest guy, strongest stature — he just felt like a quarterback. But then your concern is the arm,” the executive told Pelissero. “There’s nothing special about it. What’s he going to look like when he’s getting his ass f***ing blitzed and having to throw off-platform, and he has to win with his arm only? He’s mobile enough. He can move, he’s not lot like a statue. If you had to have a motherf***er play right now, it’s Pickett, but he doesn’t have any goddamn upside.”