Kenny Dillingham has had plenty of time to think. Never mind that, at age 32, he is the youngest FBS head coach. Never mind that his recruiting philosophy resembles that of a teenager who has been given a Corvette for his birthday.

The only certainty? In both cases, things will go fast.

Time is relative when you're willing to wait. To Dillingham -- this Phoenix native, this valley of the son of the desert -- becoming Arizona State's next coach is a destiny fulfilled.

"I gave that [acceptance] speech every day in my car for the Arizona State job for 13 years to and from the office," Dillingham told CBS Sports. "I'd be pulling up to a light talking to myself. People would be looking at me. They'd think I was crazy."

There is definitely a little bit of crazy in ASU's transition. It traded in a 68-year-old embattled coach who is the subject of an NCAA investigation (Herm Edwards) for a Sun Devil for life (ASU Class of 2012). Arizona State may have lost 36 net years of experience, but that's kind of the point.

ASU needs a little bit of crazy infused by Dillingham's youth. He bopped into a recent interview sporting a strained calf, courtesy of a pick-up basketball game. The finalization of this week's late-period recruiting class could include as many as 27 transfers. That's not counting the ongoing recruitment of blue-chip quarterback Jaden Rashada.

"I'm home," Dillingham said at that introductory press conference.

Then, he cried. This is a kid -- we can call him that -- who has heard all the sleeping-giant stuff. By-gosh, he's ready to activate it.