Nuggets fans have a man crush. Specifically, a Manimal crush. Oh, how Kenneth Faried gets Nuggets fans, men and women, talking, texting and tweeting. "The Manimal" is just so crush-worthy — he leads the NBA in hustle, he rebounds like he's 8-foot-8, not 6-8, and his slams earned him a spot in the NBA dunk contest. But at times, Faried's defense can be offensive. "When he gets in a defensive stance, when he's focused on the concepts of the game plan, he's important," said Nuggets coach George Karl, whose team plays at Cleveland on Saturday night. "But being a young player, he gets attacked a lot, people go after him a lot, and he sometimes reacts poorly to that. ... As the game goes on, he gets better defensively, and I don't think he establishes himself early in the game with enough, maybe, focus and preparation." There have been a number of games in which an opposing post player has enjoyed a field day against the Nuggets. Indiana's David West, for one, started a game 7-for-7. Chris Bosh. Glen Davis. Even Samuel Dalembert had a huge night when, at times, they were all being defended by Faried.