Zion Williamson has not played a basketball game since May 4, 2021. He has been such a ghost in New Orleans that CJ McCollum hadn't interacted with him more than a week after he joined the team. There hasn't really been an update on Zion since early January as he has continued his rehab "away from the team."

Yesterday on ESPN Kendrick Perkins used the Zion Williamson situation as the reason that the Pelicans should move their entire franchise to Seattle or Las Vegas.

As much as I'd love to see a basketball team back in Seattle, let's not pretend that the refurbished version of the SuperSonics would become more popular in the Pacific Northwest than the Seahawks. And if they went to Las Vegas they would just become another attraction. If Perkins has a problem with the Pelicans giving away tickets in New Orleans wait until half the crowd at home games in Vegas have been comped because they complained to a manager about how long their wait for the all-you-can-eat buffet was.