Despite having played in vastly different NBA eras, Robert Parish and Kendrick Perkins agree on “load management” in the association.

The former Boston Celtics centers have offered their opinions on the raging load-management debate in the aftermath of the Los Angeles Clippers’ decision to rest superstar forward Kawhi Leonard in their team’s highly anticipated, nationally televised matchup with the Milwaukee Bucks on Wednesday night. While Leonard’s DNP has divided opinions among NBA observers, Perkins and Parish fall firmly on the healthy-players-must-play side.

Perkins, 34, aired his views Wednesday night via Twitter, first blaming San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich for resting Leonard for most of 2017-18, as he recovered from a quad injury. “We all should give a big Thank You to the Greg Pop for starting this load management BS,” Perkins wrote in a Tweet.