The locker room is a sacred place for a professional athlete. And it has imaginary lines that are not to be crossed. Following the Thunder's 107-95 win over the Bulls on Thursday, during interviews in the OKC locker room, Bulls center Joakim Noah was paying a visit to former teammate Thabo Sefolosha. And Thunder center Kendrick Perkins took exception. Sitting at his locker, Perkins loudly said, "We just let anyone in here now?" Noah, who was near the entrance of the locker room, shook his head and just said, "C'mon." Perkins, to no one in particular: "I'm just asking though." Noah again: "C'mon man." Perkins: They just let anybody in the locker room?" Noah: "You want me to wait outside?" Perkins: "Just saying." Noah: "You want me to wait outside, I'll wait outside." Perkins: "Get your ass up out of here." And Noah then turned and left.