Kendrick Perkins had a wish. Thunder wins the West. Celtics win the East. Oklahoma City- Boston for all of David Stern's marbles. "I was wishing we could both end up in the (NBA) Finals and meet up, or something crazy like that," Perkins said. The Celtics, the team of his past. The Thunder, the team of his present and future. A wish that will go unmet. On the night Perkins' Thunder took control of their Western Conference semifinal against Memphis, the Celtics went down. Eliminated by the Miami Bound Machine in five games. In New England, they're writing Celtic obituaries. The end of an era. No more championship runs for the core of Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen. A core that counted Perkins as its soul until the stunning February trade that brought a tear to Perk's eye and anguish to Celtic fans, who appreciated the Terrible Scowl for his defense and toughness. The Celtics won one NBA title with Big Perk manning the post, and Boston faithful from Roxbury bartenders to Doc Rivers will swear the Celts would have won another had Perkins not been injured in Game 6 of the 2010 Finals against the Lakers. Perkins' tears dried quickly. He talks passionately about being a Thunder. But he's still a little wistful that his old pals fell. Perk is only 26 but spent eight years in Boston, four with the Big Three era. "I'd be lying if I was telling you I was disconnected," Perkins said. "We knew everything about each other. I hated to see them go down like this."