Recently, Kendrick Nunn signed a 2-year $10M deal with the LA Lakers. The former Heat player is one of the most upcoming talents in the league. The 26-year old made his first NBA Finals appearance in the 2020 Orlando Bubble, which was also his rookie year.

As per reports, Nunn turned down more money to wear the purple and gold uniform.

L.A. would be appealing to anyone, honestly speaking. But just that chance to go out there and win a ring. A good chance, a great chance to win a ring. I wanted to be in that position again and also just to help my teammates and learn from them. I look at the roster around and I’m one of the younger guys, so I’m going to be a sponge to a lot of these guys in the locker room and just continue to grow and develop my game as well.

In his 2 seasons with the Miami Heat Nunn averaged, 15.0 PPG, 3.0 APG, and 0.9 SPG on a 45.8% shooting from the field and 36.4% from beyond the arc.