One member of the Tennessee football program received some positive news Wednesday afternoon, although he still has hurdles to clear before returning to the playing field. Multiple media outlets are reporting that the Knox County district attorney’s office has decided Von Pearson won’t face charges after being named as a suspect in a rape investigation. “After a thorough review of the investigation, I have decided there is insufficient evidence to sustain a criminal prosecution against Von Pearson,” DA Charme Allen said in a statement. Allen’s statement also details the events leading up to today’s announcement. “On the morning of April 24, 2015, the Knoxville Police Department opened an investigation into an allegation of sexual assault that reportedly occurred at an apartment complex in Fort Sanders. Von Pearson eventually emerged as a potential suspect during the police investigation. The police department’s investigation is complete, and I have reviewed the entire investigation file to determine if a criminal investigation is appropriate.” Pearson was indefinitely suspended shortly after the allegations surfaced.