The Charlotte Hornets’ Kemba Walker is eligible for a max contract extension this summer that could keep him with the team for the next few years. In a report from Basketball Insiders’ Steve Kyler, he said that the odds of Walker being traded are very low that it’s not even worth talking about. Currently, Walker’s contract is a bargain deal for the Hornets. With point guards getting unbelievable max deals, his $48-million contract for four seasons, which he signed in October 2014, is barely anything compared to other elite point guards. Stephen Curry is getting $201 million for five seasons while John Wall has $84 million for the same length. In an interview with WFNZ, Walker was asked by Chris Kroeger regarding trade rumors surrounding him. The spitfire point guard says he’s surprised and found them interesting especially since this is his first time to hear his name being discussed in trade rumors.