There’s a new trend in sports: finding out you’ve been traded on Twitter. 

We live in quite a different era where breaking news can reach its audiences in a matter of seconds through social media or just a push notification. This provokes some sticky situations when it comes to sensitive matters, like players being traded, and former Phoenix Suns’ Kelly Oubre Jr. was last week’s latest installment of that. 

In what is almost becoming a normal thing during this era of Twitter reporting, Oubre discovered that he was a component of the Suns’ latest trade when the rest of the world did — on social media that is.

Kelly Oubre Jr. on How He Got Traded

What a shocker, Kelly Oubre found out he was traded like the rest of the world. Oubre said that he felt a different vibe in the Suns’ facility after a workout and inquired to a teammate about it as The Athletic’s David Aldridge detailed:

“And I just see people looking at me with, like, a glare in their eyes. I was like, hmm. And then Cheick Diallo, he came up to me and was like, ‘hey, my boy, check Twitter.’ I don’t really get on social media like that. So I just went around and I asked Frank (Kaminsky), ‘hey, man, where am I going?’ ‘Cause I already knew I had got traded. So I was like, ‘where am I going, bro?’ And he was like, ‘OKC.’ And I said, all right. I just kind of gave everybody a final goodbye, made my way around the room, and I left.”