Everything about training camp will be different under new Eagles coach Chip Kelly, from the location to the amount of hitting during practices. Andy Reid’s training camps were known for their hard hitting, with players in helmets and pads just about every day. Kelly said there will be hitting in his training camp, which begins today for rookies and Friday for veterans. But he said that it won’t be as prevalent and that he plans to mix in some non-contact days. “You have to,” he said. “There’s a certain amount of work that you’ve got to get done that you can’t go full-go every single day. You still have to be cognizant of the fact that you have to prepare for a season and prepare for games. And that’s the big Catch-22 for all coaches is how much work do you need to get done, but also you don’t want to injure your own players in practice. “That’s kind of a fine line. It’s the toughest one I think coaches have to handle.” This year, the Eagles will practice in South Philadelphia, ending their 17-year affiliation with Lehigh University. They haven’t held a training camp in Philadelphia since the 1940s. Reid enjoyed training camp at Lehigh. He believed that staying in dormitories and eating meals together was a great bonding experience for his players. That was the case for the fans, too, as thousands would flock to Lehigh to watch an open practice. This year, there will be only five practices open to the public at Lincoln Financial Field. The rest will be held at the NovaCare Complex, with only a few hundred season-ticket holders having access.