He’s only a few months removed from coaching at the University of Oregon, and Chip Kelly admits that, yeah, he was tempted to draft a bunch of his own guys. Dion Jordan? Wanted him. Kiko Alonso? Wanted him. Kyle Long? Wanted him. Maybe it should be reassuring to Eagles fans that Kelly didn’t pick Alonso or Long and didn’t move up a spot and take Jordan. Because it shows that as close as Kelly is to his former guys, he wasn’t going to stray from the Eagles’ draft board just to stock up on Oregon Ducks. As difficult as that was. Remember how Rich Kotite brought in a ton of old Jets when he became head coach of the Eagles? He let his emotions and friendships get in the way of building a team. Kelly wasn’t going to let it happen. No Rich Miano, Ken O’Brien, Gerald Nichols or Pat Ryan for him. “I think [you can’t let yourself] start get emotional and get involved,” Kelly said. “And I was pretty conscious of that.” The Eagles loved Jordan, and if Eric Fisher, Luke Joekel and Lane Johnson had been the first three picks in the draft, Kelly and GM Howie Roseman would have been thrilled to draft Jordan. But moving up a spot for him? It was tempting. But it wouldn’t have been smart. “What do you have to do to move up?” Kelly asked. “And then when you do it, if you move up to get him, that means you don’t get Bennie Logan because you don’t have a third-round pick or you don’t get Matt Barkley because you don’t have a fourth-round pick.