New York Jets tight end Kellen B. Winslow Jr. has been charged by East Hanover Police with possession of Fubinaca, a synthetic form of cannabis or marijuana. Township Detective Sgt. John Fox Jr. allegedly found Winslow in possession of the designer drug on Nov. 19 by the Target store on Route 10 but a criminal complaint charging the player with possession of the drug was not signed until Dec. 30. Winslow, accompanied by Colorado attorney David Blair, was in Superior Court, Morristown, on Wednesday for a “central judicial processing” hearing at which defendants are given copies of complaints and evidence against them before they receive a future date to appear for a formal conference before a Superior Court judge. Winslow is from Colorado but while playing with the Jets is living in Madison. Neither a spokesperson for the Jets nor Fox, the charging officer, have immediately returned calls for comment. It was not clear from a police report whether the charge resulted from a motor vehicle stop on Route 10. Winslow is charged with possession of a controlled dangerous substance, a third-degree offense punishable upon conviction by up to five years in prison.