The Kings have fallen short of several goals this season. They wanted to be in the hunt for the playoffs. Players wanted to be considered for the All-Star game. The last thing the Kings wanted to be was near the bottom of the conference standings, but that's where they are again. Goals have been modified. DeMarcus Cousins said at the All-Star break a realistic goal was to win more than 25 games this season. The Kings are at 28 wins. That doesn't mean anyone is celebrating 28 wins with four games to play. The new goal is to try to surpass 30 wins. The Kings haven't won 30 games since the 2007-08 season. "As we came down to the second half of this season, we were just pushing and trying to get 19 wins," said Kings coach Keith Smart. "We hit a little slump at home and played some talented teams that needed to win that game. We want to get over the hump but it is still a process. Sure, I'm going to be the first one to tell you that we should be further along, but sometimes in life you don't get where you want to go right away. If they keep this positive attitude up, then it is possible. Things are going to be said, but I'm with this team everyday so I know what's happening with them. We want to try and get over that number. We're going to go on the road and try to steal some games, then we'll come back here and close the season out. We're going to put our hats on to get ready for the summer. Then we have to restart the whole process over again."