Conventional wisdom says that the Phoenix Suns are gearing up for the summer or 2014 or 2015 to charge back into the league's elite. But all that could be derailed if they keep free agents Marcin Gortat and Eric Bledsoe. This summer the Phoenix Suns did not sign any free agents. Not one. For the first time in like forever an NBA team refused to take the bait of filling a hole with an overpriced veteran NBA free agent. Free agency has been the lifeblood of NBA since its inception in the late 80s especially the Phoenix Suns. In fact it was the Phoenix Suns who signed the NBA's first ever free agent in the summer of 1988. Tom Chambers 29 at the time signed a long-term contract on July 1 to help shape a Suns renaissance that lasted nearly a decade. But this summer despite owning the worst roster - top to bottom - in the Western Conference the Phoenix Suns refused to stem the tide by signing a free agent in their prime who could potentially lead the Suns to the playoffs. Instead the Suns sat out the spending frenzy and traded veterans for youth and draft picks. They now will approach training camp with 15 players on guaranteed contracts totaling about $52 million dollars 10 of whom are on rookie contracts.