Andray Blatche playing well and playing more minutes. Now, he's being teamed with Brook Lopez up front, which could raise his value and his profile as a free agent. There aren't a lot of 26-year-old big men out there with as high a PER as he has. In fact, there is only one, Lopez. What are the chances the Nets hang on to him? As they say, it's complicated. We looked at this a while back and with Blatche's new visibility, it's worth a second look. First of all, Blatche and others in his situation are making more than reported on salary websites, the result of a complicated NBA formula that somewhat penalizes teams that amnesty players while at the same time providing more money to the players themselves. Some reporting has suggested a straight dollar-for-dollar "offset" for players amnestied and signed by a new team. That is not the case, league sources tell NetsDaily. In fact, the formula is more complicated and Blatche makes nearly $1 million more than what he would have made from amnesty payments alone ... and the Wizards don't get a dollar-for-dollar offset. His total salary, according to one of the sources, is actually $8.1 million this season, rather than the $7.1 million owed him in amnesty payments. Also, the difference will likely rise in the final two years of the contract, under the formula.