The state of the Sixers beat writer is pretty putrid indeed. We have a few beat friends who do an admirable job of getting quotes, reporting injuries, and generally being nice people, but no one that has provided any genuine insight about the Sixers team since Kate Fagan left. I hardly agreed with Fagan regularly, but she was (and is) a fantastic writer, and occasionally stumbled open some astute thoughts. She went to ESPN and continued to do great things, but this is, for my part, the best thing she's written. It's on sexism in sports, one of the most delicate issues nobody wants to discuss, and details a few parts of her Sixers tenure that were less than savory from time to time. There's a tremendous amount more, and I urge you to read it, but the text she got from a certain Sixers executive is especially interesting to us as a Sixers blog. Toward the end of my tenure covering the Sixers, someone higher up in the organization took particular offense to something I had written and sent me the following text: "You are a conniving/deceitful woman! Sleep well, Kate."