Minnesota Timberwolves star Karl-Anthony Towns had some negative things to say about former coach Tom Thibodeau’s development style on Thursday. The big man claimed that Thibodeau actually held back the development of young players, both on and off the court:

“And that’s a disrespect and a slap in the face to their development, you know, and I want to make sure that they develop not only as players, but as human beings and as men. And, uh, you know, that’s what we’re here to do. And in Minnesota, the thing, one of the biggest things where Ryan and with me is like, we have to make sure our culture is not based on just basketball. This is a family atmosphere. Everything we do here in Minnesota has to be able to have a family. A family backing and a family thought process. And building people’s personalities, characters and showing them more of themselves. And you’re more than basketball.”

There was little that showed that Towns and Thibs were not fond of each other when the latter held the head coaching job. In