Running back Kareem Hunt promised Browns GM John Dorsey, who gave him a second NFL chance when most others wouldn’t, that he’ll never commit another act of violence.

“Yes, I definitely did,’’ Hunt said in his first interview Wednesday since the Browns signed him in February. “John Dorsey knows me very well and he actually drafted me in Kansas City and we had a real special connection and he knows the type of person I am and that wasn’t me. I mean, I definitely made a mistake and I apologize for it once again. And I told him I’m going to move forward and become a better person.’’

Hunt, suspended eight games for two separate physical altercations, seemed very contrite and sincere in his 18-minute interview after OTAs. One of the incidents involved him shoving and kicking a woman in the hallway of his downtown Cleveland apartment building, and the other was an altercation at an establishment at Put-in-Bay, Ohio.

Since Dorsey rolled the dice on him in February, he’s been out speaking to schools, undergoing counseling twice a week and keeping a tight circle of friends back here in his hometown.

“I told (Dorsey) ‘You can trust me.’ I’ve got to earn his trust, and I’ve got to earn everybody’s trust in the whole organization. I’m not willing to mess that up."

Dorsey has vowed that he’ll have a zero tolerance policy for Hunt, whom he drafted in the third round out of Toledo in 2017.

“(Dorsey) stressed to just stay positive and don't make those same mistakes twice,’’ said Hunt. “I live by that on the field, too. I make a mistake on the field, I'm not going to do it again. I'm going to learn from it and just move forward."

Freddie Kitchens, didn’t hesitate when asked about Hunt Wednesday.