Running back Kareem Hunt spoke to the media Wednesday, marking the first time since signing with the Cleveland Browns.

The signing drew a lot of controversy when considering the circumstances of his well-documented release from the Kansas City Chiefs on Nov. 30, 2018, after video showed Hunt pushing and kicking a woman.

Hunt is suspended for the first eight games of the regular season, but acknowledged he still has to prove his sincerity.

"The only way is my actions, so just going to take it day by day," Hunt told reporters. "I got to earn people's trust back and my actions are going to show."

While Hunt has publicly apologized for his actions, he has yet to personally express regret to the victim of his assault. But he said he would if the two ever met.

"I have not, but if I was to see her I would like apologize to her face," Hunt said. "But I have not had the chance to do that."

Meanwhile, Hunt said he has been spending time visiting local high schools with a message to students to make smart decisions.

He also described himself as a positive person who enjoys bringing a smile to those around him. Hunt also said he now stays home more than he used to during free time.