It’s too bad citizens of Turkey can’t watch their native son, Enes Kanter, play this season. He’s having a helluva year as the Knicks’ starting center, adding another vibrant 16-point, 15-rebound, three-assist performance Friday in the Knicks’ 120-107 win over the Suns. Kanter said for the second straight year Turkey’s NBA channel 8 has banned his games. Last season, Turkish fans couldn’t see his games with Oklahoma City. Now, it’s the Knicks. Kanter has been a big critic of the government and his Twitter account is blocked there. “Last year, all 29 other teams were shown in Turkey, but no OKC games because of the politics,” Kanter said. “Now they’re showing every other games but not Knicks. The president [Recep Tayyip Erdogan] is crazy. It’s sad all those people not just can’t watch me — on social media [they were tweeting], ‘We want to watch Russ [Westbrook],’ and they can’t watch because of me. Now they can’t watch Kristaps [Porzingis] because of me. They have to go to weird websites.” The connection between Kanter and Porzingis has been special. Kanter got off to a frenetic start Friday, with eight points, seven rebounds and three assists in the opening 11 minutes.