Kansas forward Dedric Lawson has been accused of walking out on a nearly $100 tab at a restaurant in his hometown of Memphis, according to a police report obtained by Fox 13 in Memphis. The police report states that Lawson was at Bar Louie in Overton Square around 1:30 a.m. on Thursday eating and drinking and compiling a tab of $88.20. A waitress told police he then left without paying and drove off in a Nissan Maxima. She added she knows it was Lawson because she went to high school with him. Lawson has denied the allegation. He appeared on 92.9 FM ESPN in Memphis on Thursday afternoon and said he only ordered two drinks -- one for his girlfriend, one for his cousin -- totaling $10.50 at Bar Louie, and that he gave the waitress $12. According to Lawson, the waitress wanted him to also pay for other drinks that other people ordered. But he refused because, he said, he did not order or drink the other drinks in question.