The biggest difference between Brett Veach and the man he replaced as Chiefs general manager is communication. Veach talks constantly with those who work around and below him. Decisions are not surprises. That’s important, but it’s also quiet, behind the scenes, hard for fans to track. The biggest departure from John Dorsey that fans will see as Veach begins his first full offseason is a top-to-bottom obsession with making the roster younger, faster and in certain spots cheaper. The changes will be significant. Generally speaking, a priority on youth is the single greatest contrast between Veach’s football world view and Dorsey’s. Keep that in mind as you watch the Chiefs’ roster evolve this offseason. Veach’s emphasis on youth and the Chiefs’ institutional stance that their problems on defense are the fault of the players and not coordinator Bob Sutton mean a massive roster turnover is likely. If Sutton doesn’t lose his job after leading one of the league’s worst defenses in a year they claimed to be competing for the Super Bowl, then you can be sure many players will be gone. The failure has to be someone’s fault. They’ve already started to shift. Reggie Ragland and Kevin Pierre-Louis, acquired in trades late last summer, could have bigger roles going forward. That’s particularly true for Ragland, who essentially replaced Derrick Johnson at inside linebacker. Ragland is 11 years younger than Johnson.