Evander Kane wants to be a superstar and it's beginning to look like nothing will stand in his way. The Jets can go places with Kane. Just how far he wants to take them will be part of the evolving story of Evander Kane and his little team on the Prairie. This is not yet Kane's team, but it very well may be soon. And if given that mantle, can he take another step and drag the Jets toward a championship? It's early in Kane's development as a person, but one thing we already know is he is driven. He's going to have numbers, one can almost guarantee it. Will those numbers be just about personal points or will they be about team success? The answer to that question will determine so much about the Winnipeg Jets as an organization. Steve Yzerman traded scoring titles for Stanley Cups midway through his career, so the source of Kane's motivation at this juncture isn't so important. Being a superstar isn't a bad thing and it doesn't preclude being a champion. Kane can have it all if he so chooses. Snipers such as Kane almost always have a selfish streak. It's part of the DNA that makes them effective. Kane leads the Jets in shots taken with 68 and has a shooting percentage of 10.3. Shoot first, should and has to be, Kane's reflex.