Tomas Kaberle is now officially a misfit toy, a borrowed piece from Toronto brought to the Hub to help the power play, only to end up looking like the plastic ear stuck in the middle of Mr. Potato Head's face. Tough on the eyes. Very tough. Embarrassing. Wasn't Kaberle supposed to make the power play look better? Instead, with the aging Czech defenseman brought in to man the point, steady the show, help produce goals with his velvet-handed dishes, the Boston man-advantage has turned into the laughingstock of the 2011 Stanley Cup playoffs. The Bruins went their standard 0 for 4 on the advantage last night, dropping to a feckless 2 for 41 in 12 games, and the one time Kaberle was isolated for a shot in the right wing circle he missed the right post by about six inches. Nothing but net. The outside, useless portion, how-the-heck-did-that-happen side of the net.