In hopes of picking up the pace of play, Major League Baseball made some strong rule changes on Monday. Houston Astros pitcher Justin Verlander is not pleased with one of the amendments. One of the rules states that teams will only be allowed six mound visits per nine inning games. This includes managers/pitching coaches going to the mound, and also teammates. The latter of which has Verlander a little concerned. The good news is that this has been covered. MLB did grant a special waiver for catchers to go out and confer with pitchers if there is a cross-up, as long as the umpire approves it. Still, there are two problems. One is that MLB umpires don’t exactly have the reputation for being the most mature people. Yes, that’s a blanket statement and no, it doesn’t apply to every umpire. But imagine getting late into a game when one or both teams has struggled with the strike zone. Chances are, that game will have included a lot of banter between the catchers and home plate umpire. If the team has already hit six visits, the catcher would have to depend on the same umpire to grant that visit. Most would, sure. But we can think of more than one that we’d at least have doubts about.