There are stars uncomfortable with the glare that such an aura projects. But that's not Justin Verlander. He relishes the attention. Verlander doesn't shield his eyes from the brightness. He wants the light. He craves it. Verlander was only half-joking when he noted during Miguel Cabrera's Triple Crown pursuit that, unlike the slugger's reluctance to embrace the national attention, the ace would have loved being the center of the baseball universe. Call it ego. Call it arrogance, if you wish. But also recognize that such personalities remain an integral piece of any championship team. You must have a divergent mix of superstars. And these Tigers have that. Verlander, Cabrera and Prince Fielder are different in how they handle the responsibilities of stardom. Cabrera cannot stand attention. There are occasions when his facial expressions reveal that Cabrera would prefer an emergency root canal than addressing the media -- especially if he's going to be asked questions about himself. He just wants to play the game he loves and bask in the company of his beloved teammates.