Something's wrong with Justin Verlander? Something knocked him out of the game early? What is it? How much time is he going to miss? Relax. The Tigers weren't even entirely sure what to call it. Maybe a blister. Maybe cracked skin. That's what they eventually went with, "cracked skin on his right thumb." But it's not serious. Verlander came out of Thursday's 8-3 loss in 10 innings to the Kansas City Royals after the seventh to avoid any chance of flirting with additional missed time. "A little bit of a blister," he called it. "It developed toward the end of my last start, and it started getting a little bit worse in the fifth inning of this game. "We came to the decision there's no point in creating something that could be a nagging issue. So we called it a day." With Verlander out, the Royals scored the tying run off rookie Bruce Rondon in the eighth and won it with five run in the 10th. When asked if he'll make his next start as scheduled, Verlander chuckled and said, "C'mon, it's not that big of an issue. That's why I got out of there, so I can make my next start." And couldn't. By the way, to pitch in his first major league game, Rondon said through an interpreter after the game, "was a dream come true." But he was a "little disappointed because I wanted to hold the lead for Justin."