Justin Upton signed a five-year deal to return to the Los Angeles Angels early on in the winter, but even he wasn’t immune to the suspect free agent market. In an in-depth interview with Pedro Moura of The Athletic that ran Thursday, the four-time All-Star outfielder discussed his bizarre free agency experience. “Every team wants you at their price,” he said. “I will say this, and I don’t give a f— if you write it or not: I had a stretch in free agency where, within a week, every team called and offered me a one-year deal. After eight years of pretty good baseball. In my mind, that’s really, really, really sketchy and weird. “It was somewhere between seven and 10 teams I heard about from my agent,” Upton continued when pressed further. “It’s like, a one-year deal? I feel like I’ve done pretty damn good. Maybe I should shut it down.”