The perfect description of Justin Jefferson’s route running is tucked inside one specific video on the internet.

The video, released by the NFL Network in August, begins with several Jefferson receptions then transitions to comments from opposing defenders.

About 50 seconds in, the camera focuses on Saints safety Tyrann Mathieu, who sits in silence, shakes his head in awe and unleashes a line that would pass for poetry in the NFL.

“I mean, he’s just so slippery, man,” Mathieu says of Jefferson. “Like, his route running, I would describe it as silk.”

Mathieu, in the video, pinches his thumb and index finger together as if he’s gripping a handkerchief, raises his fingers above his head and waves them gently back and forth.

“If you just hold silk in the wind and watch it just blow,” Mathieu said, smiling, “he’s like that. Every time I see him run a route, the defender is so far away from him. Like he’s an illusion.”

After Jefferson’s nine-catch, 184-yard shredding of their defense Sunday, the Packers secondary would have to agree. Jefferson is special. In how he drifts through coverage. In how he cuts in the middle of routes. And in how, once the ball is caught, he slices through space to eat up further yardage.

The 23-year-old Jefferson is able to do things with his body that most other receivers simply cannot. These abilities also reside in many of the best wide receivers in NFL history — a group of pass catchers that, as numbers like his 94.1 yards per game (the most of any receiver in NFL history who has played 34 games) bear out, Jefferson is tracking toward joining.