The Los Angeles Chargers were 100 percent correct in their decision to build the entire organization through quarterback Justin Herbert, who now sits on the precipice of the league's elite quarterbacks. 

Brandon Staley saw the potential in the reigning NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year when he became head coach and knew the exact path the franchise should take long before games began this fall. 

"I wanted our offense to run through Justin Herbert … I wanted him to make it work and I think that's what's been fun to sort of get started," Staley said during an interview on "The Athletic Football Show" in June (h/t Hayley Elwood of the Chargers' official site). 

"I think that ultimately, those are the most dangerous quarterbacks you defend, where the quarterback becomes the system." 

Herbert rewarded his coach's faith by elevating his play during his second season. Sunday's performance against the Pittsburgh Steelers at SoFi Stadium places Herbert among the league's five-best quarterbacks under the age of 30.