Dominique Robinson wasn’t expecting Justin Fields to apologize Sunday.

After all, Fields has been Da Man for Da Bears over the past month, a one-man show giving hope to the hopeless. And he was balling as usual in Atlanta, at least until the end.

So when Fields, who was dealing with the pain of a separated left shoulder, addressed the team to take responsibility for his game-clinching interception in a 27-24 loss to the Falcons, consider it another successful connection with his teammates.

“That’s just him being a man,” said Robinson, the rookie defensive end. “He knew that he had made a mistake toward the end of the game that was kind of, you know, big. I feel him because I played quarterback, so I understand when you make a mistake that late in the game and then the other team ends up winning, he feels that it was on him. But it wasn’t on him. There were multiple things that went on throughout the game between offense, (special teams) and defense that we all had a part in causing us to lose. So I understand where he came from, and we backed him up. You know, we told him that wasn’t on him.”

Before converting to receiver and then defensive end at Miami of Ohio, Robinson played quarterback at Canton McKinley High, the famed football factory in eastern Ohio, so he knows a little bit about what the spotlight is like.

“They love you when you winning; they hate you when you losing,” he said, laughing.

Of course, right now everyone is loving Fields when he’s losing, but that kind of dissonance can only last so long.