Justin Bieber is celebrating his 27th birthday today, marking over a decade of pop-star status. And the boy looks good! He’s healthy and happy and obviously still motivated to create—The Bieb’s latest album Justice is slated to arrive next month. 

The Stratford, Ontario native remains at the top of Canada’s A-list, and not just because he sings real good. The guy can also flick a stick. In fact, Bieber has got to be one of the most famous people to cheer for the Toronto Maple Leafs, showcasing a real passion for the sport, not just as a fan but as a lifelong player as well. 

To celebrate JB’s b-day and show off what a good Canadian boy he really is, we’re looking back at 11 of his best hockey moments so far.

The time he taught Fallon how to git ’er done

Last year, Biebs took Jimmy Fallon to the rink to teach him the fundamentals of the game. Justin suited up in Leafs gear and had Fallon complete some basic drills, like skating to and from the lines and weaving through pylons. Fallon, dressed in Rangers gear, genuinely didn’t look like he’d ever been on skates in his life, especially when it came time for the shootout.

The time he almost dropped his gloves and got into an old-fashioned donnybrook

In 2016, Justin was playing in a beer league in L.A. when things nearly escalated to violence during a game after a member of the opposing team did Justin dirty and broke his stick mid-game. The altercation almost ended in a brawl, but the ref got things under control. Is it too late now to say sorry? Probably.