Kris Humphries hustles grinds and has heart. What is there not to like? understand it can be fun to dislike professional athletes but I implore Boston Celtics fans to reserve their judgments and give Kris Humphries a chance this season. Hump brings a lot of talent to the floor and I believe any hate that you may feel for him is unwarranted. Yeah I know. Kris Humphries married Kim Kardashian. He's all over TMZ. He might even have a "Jersey Shore bro" type of attitude about him. Okay does it really matter at all? Maybe you think Humphries is attention seeking for marrying what? Why should anyone dislike a basketball player for that reason? It's irrational hate that's all I'm saying. Not only that but that stage of his life is gone. It's in the rear view mirror; Kris is looking forward and so should you. We should instead be focusing on how he fits with the Boston Celtics and what he brings to the court. The Celtics are generally known for their heart and grit perhaps it was the culture that Kevin Garnett brought here or maybe it's the fact that the city of Boston imprints that attitude onto its teams. Either way I think Kris Humphries will be well received by Celtics fans if they just give him a chance in the first place. Here are a few questions for the skeptics: Do you like hard-nosed rebounders? Hump is exactly that. How about players that dive on the floor for loose balls? Yes that too. What about someone that runs the floor hard and gets ahead of the defense for transition opportunities? You guessed it; he brings that to the court too. One of my favorite Celtics in the last ten years is Leon Powe because of his ability to crash the offensive boards and then find the blue sky for a basket. I appreciate players that have the instincts to know where the ball is going to bounce but also the heart to go chase it down. Kris Humphries brings that to the Celtics.