It's not the Heat. It's the debility. The Bulls obviously know their chances to become Eastern Conference champions are enhanced greatly if they are at full strength. Between Luol Deng's wrist, Derrick Rose's toe and back, Richard Hamilton's thigh, groin and shoulder — miss anything? — and C.J. Watson's elbow and head, that dynamic has been elusive all season. And now Deng said he is considering resting his injured left wrist, in which he tore a ligament on Jan. 21. Deng admirably has played 17 straight games since returning from the injury Feb. 4. But after revealing his plans to huddle with team medical personnel and coach Tom Thibodeau, Deng has discussed sitting for one or two games. The Bulls actually only play one more set of back-to-back games this month, March 16-17 at home. So the schedule is conducive to Deng returning to being able to manage the pain, which he said is the crux of the issue when he opted against doctor-recommended surgery in late January.