Jurgen Klopp addressed the media today ahead of Liverpool’s Premier League opener vs. Norwich City, talking about Sadio Mane’s fitness, Naby Keita’s future with the team and, of course, the transfer deadline day.

Notably, Klopp was asked whether the team was trying to make a move on Philippe Coutinho or not, as the Brazilian was linked with a move to Arsenal, Tottenham or Liverpool.

However, the German boss refused to comment on the matter, but let the door open for people to speculate that there were, in fact, conversations between both parties to get Coutinho back:

“To part one of your question, no answer. How we deal with things like this in the past gives us the opportunity to say nothing. We don’t make big comments on these things. It’s not really likely (Liverpool signs any player) so if you have something to do I think you should go to Everton. I think they are busier. But we will see,” Klopp claimed while laughing with the press.