It’s no small accomplishment, given the developments of the last two years, that Julius Randle has made us forget about Kristaps Porzingis.

You remember the 7-3 Latvian, right? He is playing well enough for the Mavericks, carrying the same intrigue as a space-the-floor giant with the same injury concerns.

But Porzingis wasn’t on the same plane as Randle on Friday night at American Airlines Center, and, frankly, neither was Luka Doncic. We’d easily dismiss it as a one-game anomaly, or a freak stretch of hot games.

Except Randle has taught us better over the last four months. He’s legit. Prior to this five-game winning streak, there were moments to wonder whether the 26-year-old was crashing back to earth, regressing to the mean of his career. The heavy minutes seemed to be taking a toll.

Then he hit another level.