Falcons receiver Julio Jones injured his ankle early in Monday night’s game against the Bucs. He ended up playing 53 of 70 snaps. Jones also injured his left thumb. But Falcons coach Dan Quinn proclaimed Jones good to go for Sunday’s crucial NFC South showdown in New Orleans. “His explosion, even if it wasn’t at ‘Julio explosiveness’ would pretty much be world class in a lot of ways,” Quinn said, via Vaughn McClure of ESPN. “He looked good. . . . We really try to watch his gait and see, `Is he limited in any way?’ He looked really strong in that. If you have the strength, generally, you can really trust it to put your foot in the ground and be aggressive and go. That’s usually what I look for. On days like [Friday], when I don’t see any hesitation and real trust, then I know he’s worked hard to get the strength back.”