JuJu Smith-Schuster paused and gave genuine thought. Then he gave an honest answer typical for anyone who recently turned 21. What was the most challenging part about excelling on the field while being the NFL's youngest player this season? "Honestly, I would say sleep," Smith-Schuster said after being given the Joe Greene Great Performance Award as the Steelers' 2017 rookie of the year. "With me being young, I like to just be up all night just having fun. (Finding ways to) sleep has been the most challenging for me just because I just like to be up playing video games, doing what young people do, social media — and then go to bed at like 2 a.m. So I'm still trying to find out how to balance that out." Smith-Schuster figured it out well enough that — with one regular-season game to go and despite missing two games (one via injury and one by suspension) — he ranks fourth in Steelers history in rookie receiving yards (774) and is one of eight rookies in team history with at least six touchdown receptions.