Judge Rabeea Sultan Collier ruled that the plaintiff who filed a civil lawsuit against Deshaun Watson last week has 24 hours to amend her petition to include her name if she wants to go forward with the suit.

The ruling was made Monday in an emergency hearing held in the 113th District Court in Harris County (Texas). During the hearing, Watson's lawyer, Rusty Hardin, asked the court to order counsel to provide the name of the plaintiff and "sanctions for making us go through this."

The lawsuit, filed under the pseudonym Jane Doe, is the 26th known civil case filed against Watson accusing him of inappropriate sexual misconduct or sexual assault during massages. The previous lawsuits had been filed by attorney Tony Buzbee.

Hardin said during the hearing that his legal team compared the latest action to one of Buzbee's cases, saying, "You see in that red line that they simply copied Mr. Buzbee's pleading almost in toto.

"And the relevance to that is that Mr. Buzbee's case is [one of the cases] in which the court ordered him to replead and give us the name," Hardin said.

"There is no question they would not know they had to tell us the name." Hardin's team spent 72 hours trying to get the name, he said, adding, "And therefore, we would like to ask for the name and we would like sanctions for making us go through this."