Earl Smith, J.R.’s father who served as his first coach growing up in Central Jersey, gave all the credit to his son’s grand emergence this season to Mike Woodson and took a swipe at his former coach in Denver, George Karl, during a wide-ranging interview yesterday. Smith won the Sixth Man Award on Monday, capping his career season in which he became Carmelo Anthony’s star sidekick, averaging a career-best 18.1 points. Before Game 2 against Boston, Smith, long known as an underachieving renegade, received a thunderous standing ovation at the Garden when presented the trophy. “I got to give all the credit to Knicks organization and Coach Woodson,’’ Earl Smith told The Post yesterday. “When you got a coach like that, anything’s possible. “I noticed it from the first game,’’ Earl Smith added. “When you have all the potential in the world, there’s a certain way you have to approach him. There’s just different ways to approach different people. Woodson had the patience. The other coaches didn’t have the patience. “If you’re a basketball player, you either can shoot and pass or you can play defense,’’ Earl continued. “Not everyone can do everything. I’m not saying this because he’s my son, but J.R. basically can do everything.’’ Earl felt Karl had it in for Smith during their five seasons together in Denver. “The assistant coaches loved him there but they couldn’t say anything,’’ Earl Smith said. “There was negativity from Day 1. I was at the practice arena just sitting around and George comes by while J.R. is shooting. I heard George say to the assistants, ‘J.R. Smith, I’m going to bust his ass this year.’ ’’