Rumors have been swirling around the potential departure of New York Knick 2-guard J.R. Smith. The troubled shooting guard has been one of the latest names to pop up as potential Pistons during the Free Agency period. J.R. Smith had a solid season last year for the Knicks posting career numbers for the 27-year old guard. Smith averaged over 18 points per game and a career-high in rebounds, before his season took a turn for the worst. In the Knicks’ Eastern Conference Semi-finals versus the Indiana Pacers, Smith struggled mightily against the Pacers defense, and with the media. He was caught several times after losses in the clubs acting reckless. Is this something Pistons fans want on their team? Is this something even Joe Dumars wants in Detroit? As much as Dumars wants to win, he has said countless times, he wants to build the team the right way. That means with high character, hard working players. Smith doesn’t fall under any of those categories.