Josh Willingham grew up in Florence, Ala., and he still lives there. He's an Alabaman through and through. So this week, while Willingham's wife, Ginger, was doing hands-on work helping people in Alabama whose homes were destroyed by the deadly tornadoes that struck the South last week, Willingham was putting together plans to help victims financially. He and his wife already have a foundation devoted to helping underprivileged children in their area, and they will now use that foundation to help those with immediate needs and to help with long-term recovery efforts. Before Tuesday's game, Willingham asked A's players to consider making contributions, and he said several have responded with large donations. The A's have chipped in $10,000, and, Willingham said, the Players Association will match up to $15,000 of whatever amount is raised. Willingham said his wife "has been down in the trenches with a group of about 60 people. They went and got my tractor and took it down there to help. "A lot of people lost everything, and some of them didn't have much to start with. People are living in tents. They need water, food, so we're trying to do anything we can do."