Thursday’s trade deadline came and went, Atlanta Hawks forward Josh Smith did not come to anything but a delicious conch salad, and he never went anywhere. There were talks, to be sure, but the Atlanta Hawks decided to hang onto their all-around forward for the rest of the season, in spite of the legitimate chance that Smith could bolt from Atlanta this July as an unrestricted free agent for absolutely no compensation. And it was the best move the Hawks could have made. No team was willing to offer a prized youngster or significant first round draft pick for Smith, even with the knowledge that whatever team dealt for Josh would have the best chance to re-sign him this summer due to NBA rules that give a huge advantage to incumbent teams attempting to retain their players. There just weren’t a lot of obvious packages that combined all of what we presumed and hoped Atlanta was looking for – an asset or two, along enough expiring contracts to make it worth adding that asset’s salary to Atlanta’s potentially slim 2013-14 payroll.