Josh Smith is a man without answers. He knows that his Atlanta Hawks are not a team with national allure. He knows that The ATL -- despite Dominique, Spud, Andre 3000, and Luda all sharing eight lanes of rush-hour traffic -- is not among the country's biggest markets. He shares the spotlight with four other men who average double-digit scoring totals. He knows that while his team is 18-9 and a mere two games shy of the Eastern Conference's best record, they will always be the other team in the Miami Heat's division. In Friday's early-morning shootaround, he can be found running drills with his frontcourt mates, keeping the words of his head coach Larry Drew in the back of his mind -- "Stay aggressive, be you, play your game." He ends the morning's festivities by laughing it up with a few teammates while two separate units practice free throws at each end of the court; Smith gets a rebound and spins the ball in a manner where it rolls across his wiry shoulders and lands in the waiting hands of center Al Horford after one bounce. But when the shootaround is over, Smith tosses on a grey Hawks hoodie, throws the hood up over his head awaiting the elements of a Cleveland, Ohio winter and begins to offer questions to questions. "I don't know what I can do to get the eye of the national fan," Smith says regarding his perpetual less-than-stellar placement among All-Star vote-getters. "All I can keep to is playing the way I've been playing, progressing as an individual and as a player. I'm not really worried about what's going to happen, but when it does, it will definitely be well appreciated."