Showing up at someone’s door at the first opportunity lets you know how badly you’re wanted, and at the very least, Josh Smith’s signing with the Detroit Pistons indicates the franchise hasn’t lost the cachet through the league as some have suggested. That, and offering $50-plus million tends to make Detroit a more attractive destination, as the Pistons were able to sell Smith on a vision to contend sooner rather than later. Next to Dwight Howard and Chris Paul, Smith was the best free agent on the market and the Pistons snapped him up, even if the price was a little steeper than some would’ve preferred. While Smith doesn’t take the Pistons to the top of the Eastern Conference standings, his mere presence alone makes them the most athletic frontcourt in the conference, which counts for more than just style points. Style points, that Pistons fans wanted in the draft when they clamored for Michigan’s Trey Burke, they could have in the high-flying Smith, one of the league’s best finishers above the rim. Make no mistake, they’ll need more than just the stat sheet-filling forward, as they shouldn’t be done with free agency or perhaps more importantly, the trade market.