He hasn't even played 20 career games, and already the football world has been high as the sky and low as the ground on who he is—and, more importantly, who he can be. Josh Rosen, UCLA's strong-armed, free-spirited quarterback, is the No. 1 pick in the 2018 NFL draft. Or he's the next Christian Hackenberg. Josh Rosen is the most physically gifted college quarterback since a guy named Elway. Or he's a social activist with no true love for the game—only the platform it gives him. "I've pretty much heard it all," Rosen says. But who and what to believe? Those Rosen statements were told to Bleacher Report from four different NFL scouts, personnel people in charge of grading one of the most talented yet polarizing college football players in years. All four agree that in all of 19 career games at UCLA, Rosen has displayed off-the-charts ability. None can agree how it will play out over an NFL career. One scout says Rosen will eventually get "bored" with football, turn his sights to "changing the world" and be gone within four years. One says he's the next Aaron Rodgers. One scout says anyone scared off by Rosen's direct and brutally honest personality "should have their head examined—it's football, not your local f--king co-op"—but cautions that Rosen's path could mirror that of Hackenberg: a huge recruit who never got better in college and is now "just a guy" in the NFL. One scout says Rosen doesn't have a love for the game—that he lacks a certain fire and passion.