The beard stays. That's the word from hairy Josh Reddick, who was challenged on Twitter to a so-called beard-off by WWE superstar Daniel Bryan. Reddick quickly accepted, meaning he and Bryan will go follicle to follicle throughout 2013, and may the bushiest man win. "Why not?" asked Reddick, a big wrestling fan. Bryan got a head start. While Reddick began growing his beard in November, he said Bryan has grown his more than a year. Bryan has another edge. A fan vote will determine the winner - loser shaves - and Bryan had 581,256 Twitter followers as of 4 p.m. Tuesday. Reddick had 34,887. "This should be fun," Reddick said. "It'll be interesting to see how I interact with him. I'm already getting trash talking from his fan base saying I have no shot." The right fielder said he doesn't envision the beard affecting him on the field, even on hot, muggy summer days, and already spoke with teammates, telling them if he ever falls in a slump, "you can't let me shave because I've got this challenge." Reddick (@joshreddick16) hasn't met Bryan but was bold enough to write this Tweet: "Fans, it's time. Lets get@WWEDanielBryan so mad that he has to challenge me in the ring." Now that would really be hairy.