Jets coach Todd Bowles said last week he does not envision a scenario right now where he would bench quarterback Josh McCown for one of his younger backups. On Monday, McCown said he believes the same thing. “We’re both kind of on the same page with that, and there wasn’t a scenario where I saw it either, so I think it’s good to hear it. But we were already on the same page, so I don’t know if that was necessarily a new thing,” McCown said. “We’re just excited about loading up and playing these last six weeks and seeing where it takes us, so that’s the main focus.” McCown has played better than most people expected in the first 10 games of the year. He has completed 69 percent of his passes, the third-best mark in the league. “What I said when I came here, you want to bring stability to the position and hopefully, play good ball when you’re in there and if the situation changes, be able to help whoever is out there playing,” McCown said. “I think I’ve been able to do that to a degree, but I still feel like my best ball is ahead of me these last six weeks, and there is another notch that we can go, I believe. We’ll pursue that with everything we got and see where that leads us, but I’m excited about the opportunity to do it.”